Implementing the Hiver Connector, Wearable, and Analytics trio at your events enables a powerful, hands-free, and seamless networking experience for your attendees.

Hiver also allows you to capture, measure, and report on the specific areas of participant engagement and interaction data you’re most interested in for your events. It will also give you the tools and reporting features needed to prove how and why your event contributes to the company marketing and sales process and, most importantly, to the bottom line.


Product Details

Hiver Wearable

Every event attendee is provided a small wearable beacon that either attaches to a lanyard or fits neatly into a badge. The technology using BLE is paired with the Hiver Connector to enable the hands-free attendee networking experience, but most importantly, it helps pinpoint the accuracy and timing of every event attendee interaction. Whether the attendee is interacting with other attendees directly, visiting a session, or conversing with an exhibitor or event sponsor, the Hiver Wearable is detecting the action. It then captures and tracks every single interaction data point along the attendee event journey and then, applying Hiver Analytics, organises this data in a way that’s useful for both attendees and event organisers.


Gain powerful & actionable insights, understand the true value of networking and prove event value & ROI

Hiver Connector

The Hiver Connector App is an intuitive interface for attendees to find events, check-in to events,  log and access their interactions in an organised timeline, take notes on their interactions, view attendee profiles, and most importantly, follow-up.

Once an interaction occurs within Hiver, there are two main ways attendees can further connect. Over 90% of attendees use LinkedIn as their profile of choice. So with Hiver’s seamless LinkedIn integration attendees can view profiles,  follow-up, connect, all with one click.

For those that would rather exchange specific contact details, Hiver also offers the ability to exchange phone numbers, email addresses, and social handles, again, with the simplicity of one click.  

The awkwardness of holding a phone, searching for business cards, or using a keyboard to add contact details while networking are alleviated when using Hiver.


Hiver is a hands-free and seamless networking experience; while at the same time, providing event organisers powerful analytics and insights into attendee engagement data.

Hiver Analytics

Hiver Analytics offers event organisers the data, insights, and proof needed to substantiate event investment.  It also provides key insights and opportunities for benchmarking and shaping future events. Our solutions are tailored to capture and measure the data points that are most important to event organisers and to the success of the event. This data is anonymised and the Hiver Event Consulting team provides a post-event, shareable report highlighting areas interest against event goals and objectives; as well as offering actionable recommendations for potential improvement.



“Working with Hiver will not only help you Level Up your event networking atmosphere, but it will bring an extra layer of clout to your event as a whole by investing in the latest event planning technology.” 

- Lisa Mae Brunson, Wonder Women Tech


Hiver offers solutions to fit the networking needs of every event type across every industry.  


DIY Basic:

  • Rental of Hiver Wearable
  • Hiver Connector
  • Basic Analytics
  • Self-Service Support
  • Best for Single, Half-Day Event


  • Rental of Hiver Wearable
  • Hiver Connector
  • Pro Analytics
  • On-site Support
  • Option for Add-Ons
  • Best for Single, Day or Multi-Day Event


  • Rental of Hiver Wearable
  • Hiver Connector with the App or SDK
  • Single Event, Unlimited Time
  • Multi-Event License Option
  • Custom Branding Across Platform
  • Bespoke Analytics
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • On-site Support
  • Two Hours of Consulting Services
  • Option for Add-ons
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