How to use Hiver

1. Download the App from the Apple Play Store or Google Play - don't worry, it's completely free!

Hiver App Apple Store Google Play

2. Before the event, launch the app and complete the 10 second registration process. This works better when your smartphone is running the latest version of IOS and with the LinkedIn app installed.

Second Registration Process Linkedin | Second Registration Process

3. Once inside the app, go to 'Discover', select the event you plan to attend and click on 'I will be attending'. This will ensure you profile is visible to others who are attending.

Discover 1 Discover 2

4. When you arrive at the event, launch Hiver. The event should appear in the 'Ongoing' tab. Click 'I'm here'.

Ongoing Event

5. Go network! Hiver will keep track of everyone you meet.

6. During or after the event you can visit the 'Interactions' tab to see who you've met, to make notes to their profile, to set reminders or to visit their LinkedIn profile.

Interactions 1

Interactions 2