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Capture, measure, analyse, and report on every attendee, exhibitor, and sponsor networking moment


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Hiver is an award-winning, intelligent event technology platform giving event attendees a connected, hands-free, and seamless networking experience.

The Hiver platform includes a wearable, an end user mobile event app, and attendee interaction and spatial analytics solutions.  In combination, the Hiver product suite provides both an exceptional networking experience to attendees; as well as delivering powerful, and actionable insights into attendee engagement.

Using location technology, the phone sensors, and social behaviour data, Hiver summarises all attendee-to-attendee interactions as well as data about how attendees behave within a designated space. This enables a better and more connected attendee networking experience and allows organisers and marketers to centralise data, prove event ROI, attribute sales, and to ultimately make more informed decisions.



Gain powerful & actionable insights, understand the true value of networking and prove event value & ROI


The Wearable

Paired with the Hiver Connector, our branded Hiver Wearable technology enables attendees to network hands-free eliminating any of the awkwardness associated with networking and reducing the need for business cards. The wearable comes in different forms, so is easily integrated into every event badge experience.


The Connector

Event attendees use the Hiver Connector as the intuitive interface for automatically logging and remembering everyone they meet throughout an event. LinkedIn profile integration and contact exchange offers a seamless way to follow-up and connect. The Hiver Connector can be used as a standalone app or integrated into existing event platforms with the SDK.


The Analytics

Data from every attendee, exhibitor, and sponsor interaction is logged into the Hiver Analytics platform providing an integrated and comprehensive view of your event engagement. Post-event reporting options are available to the organiser providing key, actionable insights, measurement of event effectiveness, and recommendations for shaping future event experiences.


“Working with Hiver will not only help you Level Up your event networking atmosphere, but it will bring an extra layer of clout to your event as a whole by investing in the latest event planning technology.” 

- Lisa Mae Brunson, Wonder Women Tech


Hiver offers solutions to fit the networking needs of every event type across every industry.  


DIY Basic:

  • Rental of Hiver Wearable
  • Hiver Connector
  • Basic Analytics
  • Self-Service Support
  • Best for Single, Half-Day Event


  • Rental of Hiver Wearable
  • Hiver Connector
  • Pro Analytics
  • On-site Support
  • Option for Add-Ons
  • Best for Single, Day or Multi-Day Event


  • Rental of Hiver Wearable
  • Hiver Connector with the App or SDK
  • Single Event, Unlimited Time
  • Multi-Event License Option
  • Custom Branding Across Platform
  • Bespoke Analytics
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • On-site Support
  • Two Hours of Consulting Services
  • Option for Add-ons
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