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The Leading Intelligent Event  Engagement Platform

  • Create Connected Attendee Experiences
  • Measure Key Interaction Data 
  • Gain Powerful & Actionable Insights
  • Understand the True Value of Networking
  • Prove Event Value & ROI




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 Award-winning Intelligent Event Technology


Hiver is an intelligent event engagement platform giving event attendees a connected, hands-free, and seamless networking experience; while at the same time, providing event organisers powerful analytics and insights into attendee-to-attendee interaction data. 

Networking is one of the main reasons people attend face-to-face events; but before now, there's never been an accurate way to capture the data around how people interact and connect.

Through a combination of machine learning, the phone's sensors, and beacon technology, Hiver measures every conversation, every attendee has, at every stage of the event. Giving event organisers, marketers, and planners insight into how, where, and when people are making connections and following-up. 

How it Works

Wearable + App

Attendees download and register through the Hiver App using their LinkedIn profile. Upon event arrival, they'll put on the Hiver Wearable badge and simply launch the App.

Network Hands-Free

Hiver works in the background while attendees network automatically connecting with each meaningful interaction and providing a seamless way to follow-up.

Gain Powerful Analytics

Data from each event attendee interaction is aggregated and anonymised in Hiver Analytics. Then, based on the event goals, is reported to provide a comprehensive view into overall networking engagement.

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