The Hiver Story
by Andrea Sommer, Founder & CEO

Hiver originated from a very personal problem while attending events: I have always struggled remembering the names of the people I meet. When I was in business school, I was networking much more frequently than I had done before, which meant I was forgetting the names of even more people. At one point I even introduced myself to the same person three times. Not ideal.  

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I knew I wanted to get more value out of the connections I made, but this was very difficult when I couldn’t remember their names or I’d lose their business cards. Naturally, I turned to technology for a solution and when I found none, I decided to build Hiver.

Hiver is a technology designed to help networkers remember every interaction they have, so they never miss a contact and opportunity again. It is all about connecting the physical with the digital networking experience into a seamless, easy to use.

Hiver has grown from being a product of the London Business School entrepreneurial ecosystem. The idea originated at the New Technology Ventures, was nurtured in the Entrepreneurship Summer School, grown at the Deloitte Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship and further developed during the Google Best of British Programme, the Virgin Start-Up Accelerator and the Natwest Entrepreneur Accelerator.

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“Working with Hiver will not only help you Level Up your event networking atmosphere, but it will bring an extra layer of clout to your event as a whole by investing in the latest event planning technology.” 

- Lisa Mae Brunson, Wonder Women Tech