Metrics that Matter: Prove Event ROI by Measuring Attendee Engagement

Posted by Erin Anderson, CMO @ Hiver on March 7, 2018


In marketing we hear about engagement all the time. We try to answer how engaging a blog post is, how our social channels are increasing their engagement levels, and how many click-throughs we’re getting on ad or email campaigns. With all the digital tools and analytics solutions available, it’s quite simple to measure and assess what’s working for you and what’s not, online.

But how do we approach and measure event and face-to-face attendee engagement? With marketers still spending an average 50% of their budgets on events there's a very real expectation to measure success...yet the challenge for proving event engagement ROI remains elusive.

What is Attendee Engagement?
In order to measure something, you’ve got to define it. So what is attendee or audience event engagement? Well, quite simply put, it’s how an attendee interacts with all aspects of the event experience, pre-, during, and post-event. Depending on your event goals and objectives, this includes all content, communications and the social community, hashtags, speaker and session attendance, sponsorship and booth interactions, surveys and feedback, and maybe most importantly, the networking experience. Event marketers and organisers put a lot of thought, planning, and investment into each of these areas to create more engaging event experiences, so it’s becoming even more important to show if and where there’s ROI.

The Future is Measurable
US agency, Heinz Marketing says after a recent survey, “Data from our research suggests that 2018 will see an increase in both vendors and event organizers using advanced technologies to gather high intent engagement data, to better tailor their marketing and tie results back to the overall business.”

It’s an event marketers dream to be able to prove the event they’ve planned for months is showing attribution to the bottom line. In the past, event ROI has been a “thumb-in-the-air” approximation or even a “gut-feel” as to whether or not an event is useful. However, 2018 is proving to be the year of proving event engagement. It’s imperative that event marketers adapt and adopt the technology now available. Technologies using machine learning and AI across event management systems, mobile event apps, and engagement analytic solutions now give event organisers and marketers the ability to track every aspect of their event attendee interactions and engagement.

Make More Informed Decisions
Hiver is one of those technologies. Hiver gives event organisers a platform to deliver a more efficient attendee interaction experience, collect empirical engagement data, and give them the tools to report back with powerful insights and analytics. It puts the power back into the hands of the event organiser for proving event value and for making better, more informed event planning decisions.

To learn more about how event marketers can better collect and make use of event attendee engagement data with Hiver’s event engagement and analytics solutions, get in touch.

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