Hiver now available on Android

Posted by Admin on September 30, 2016

Following the successful launch of Hiver on iOS, we're pleased to announce that Hiver is now available on Android! Click here to download on your Android smartphone.

Hiver on google play This launch supports Android phones that run Jellybean 4.3 onward and have in-built beacon hardware. It means most current Android smartphones are supported, but you can check here for a full list of compatible devices - or simply search for 'Hiver in-person networking' in the Google Play store on your Android smartphone.

The Android Hiver app mirrors the core functionality of the iOS Hiver app. All networkers need to do is:

  1. Download (for free)
  2. Launch and register your account - LinkedIn integration makes this super fast
  3. Confirm your attendance at the event
  4. Pop your phone in your pocket or bag.....and go network!

Like the iOS app, networkers using the Android version of Hiver will have a complete record of the people they meet.

Event organisers also benefit. Not only can more of their event attendees use Hiver, but the fully anonymised analytics we can provide is even more comprehensive.

Here are a couple of images that show what the app looks like:

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“Working with Hiver will not only help you Level Up your event networking atmosphere, but it will bring an extra layer of clout to your event as a whole by investing in the latest event planning technology.” 

- Lisa Mae Brunson, Wonder Women Tech