Hiver powers Google Best of British Campus Exchange Showcase

Posted by Admin on August 26, 2016

Most Talked About This week the Hiver team have been taking part in Google's Best of British Campus Exchange, a week-long immersive program that brings the top 10 start-ups in the UK to London to meet with mentors, investors and more. Opportunity to power

We had the opportunity to power the program's Showcase event which took place at Google's start-up accelerator, Campus London located in Shoreditch. The event gave the start-ups the opportunity to pitch to an audience of around 200 investors, journalists and start-up enthusiasts from across London - it was a very warm and packed room full of energy and enthusiasm!

Greatest tech start-ups The evening was filled with the latest and greatest tech start-ups from all across the UK including: The Booking Factory (Wales), Musicisum (Brighton) to Street Dots (London), Ramp (Wales), Sentimoto (Oxford) , Gyana (London), Coherent (Frome), QuickQueue (London), Earthmiles (London) and our very own Hiver (London)!

Following the startup pitches, the room had the opportunity to network with the entrepreneurs and their teams, and to try out Hiver for themselves. It was great getting Hiver on the hands of so many startup enthusiasts - and the feedback was fantastic!

Stay tuned for more on this exciting week!

Startup Pitches

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