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Reactions to Hiver: event organisers & attendees

August 19, 2016 | Admin

Earlier in the week we shared a video showing how Hiver works. The reaction to the video has been great, but something that we didn't include in the video were the reactions of people who used Hiver at the event where we filmed.

Hiver is great for event attendees to remember the people they met and follow up effectively, but it's also provides event organises with an amazing understanding how people network at their events. Shanhoor, one of the event organisers of the Sloan Summit, is now armed with insight from Hiver that, although fully anonymised, explains how many interactions happened at the event, when they took place, how many people followed-up and used LinkedIn.... plus much more. If you're interested to learn how Hiver can benefit power your event, email us at

Shanhoor Meghani - Event Organiser

Ghassan Mirdad - Event Attendee

Norah Prida Bay - Event Attendee

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