Hiver team looks into the future at Electromagnetic Field 2016

Posted by Admin on August 9, 2016

Last weekend, some members of the Hiver team journeyed to a technology festival called the Electromagnetic Field. This is where enthusiasts of technology and creativity get together to talk, experiment with new technology such as wearables, virtual reality, augmented reality, and enjoy what’s in store for the future.

Many of the themes that we’ve been thinking about were brought into a new light, during the three day event. One example was the conference badge. Unlike traditional paper or plastic badges, EMF’s badges were built atop of a circuit board, and were networking amongst participants. More surprising was the fact that the badge was extendable- from creating games to controlling robotics with a few extra soldered-on parts.

At EMF we experienced a new reality - one where hardware creates opportunities for software to flourish. While we’ve been focused on enabling the best of social interaction through our software on current-generation mobile devices, we do look forward towards future Electromagnetic Field events and crowd-sourced technology innovation. After some great forward-looking ideas, we can say that the future looks pretty amazing from here.

EMF - New Reality


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