Hiver is looking for a Big Data Analyst

Posted by Admin on June 13, 2016

Do you want to join an exciting early stage start-up into the geolocation and in-person networking space? We’re looking for a big data analyst specialised in large-scale graph processing. We’re headquartered in London but you can be anywhere as long as there’s reliable broadband.

Technical Requirements
• Scalable back-end architecture capable of analysing large-scale mobile sensor data (Bluetooth Proximity, Device Orientation, Telemetrics) in real time
• Large-scale SQL-based and NoSQL-based database architecture, capable of modelling and querying the social interactions of individuals and groups
• Analytics front-end interfaces (reports, views)

Desired Technical Skills
• Knowledge of Apache Spark, Hadoop or equivalent big-data frameworks 
• Previous experience with Spark’s GraphX graph computation framework 
• Elasticsearch, Solr and equivalent search platforms 
• Previous experience with MapReduce programming model 
• Back-end architectural abilities (rapid-prototyping in Node.js language) 
• Real-world experience building large scale, high availability applications 
• Experience with MongoDB, PostgreSQL, or equivalent scalable database architectures 
• Source Control Management, e.g. git, svn or commercial equivalent 
• Knowledge of functional languages (Erlang, Haskell, OCaml) in hosted environments a plus 
• Modern languages and frameworks (Python, R, Go, etc.) also a plus 
• Conversant and technical English but other spoken languages welcome

Culture and Personality
• Willing to work hard but also have fun 
• Good sense of humour 
• Entrepreneurial spirit complementing technical curiosity 
• An appetite to achieve great things across a diverse team

Data Analysis, Data Visualisation

£30K – £35K
0.0% – 1.0%

Our story so far
Hiver is a smartphone app that enables you to make the most of the time you spend networking. It uses advanced geolocation technology together with powerful analytics to identify and automatically remember each interaction you have (which is great if you're prone to forgetting names) so that you can connect with people and follow up effectively.

Join us!
If you are interested in being part of Hiver, please get in touch with your CV, explain your interest in applying and some examples of recent projects you’ve worked on. Our email address is: No recruitment agencies or development outsourcing pitches please.

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“Working with Hiver will not only help you Level Up your event networking atmosphere, but it will bring an extra layer of clout to your event as a whole by investing in the latest event planning technology.” 

- Lisa Mae Brunson, Wonder Women Tech