In a World of Data...What is the True Value of Event Networking?

Posted by Erin Anderson, CMO @ Hiver on May 4, 2018

Hive fives aren’t a metric for event success. So how do you really know if your events are working? Is it just about a good time? The design? The food? The presenters? Why do attendees spend incredible amounts of money every year to attend events?

Networking Analytics

There are several reasons why people attend events. Education is one reason, but with many conference sessions and presentations offered online, you can still access most, if not all, of the content without attending face-to-face.

You hear a lot about event experience because it adds to the overall emotional and sensory association with a brand, but it’s still not the most important reason people attend in-person.

The primary reason people attend face-to-face events is to network. Attendees like connecting. They want to meet other people with common thoughts and interests, share and converse with the right people, visit the right booths, and speak with the right sponsors.  Within the confines of an event space, networking facilitates opportunity. Personal and business opportunity. For the attendee, networking, whether they know it or not, encompasses all the elements, including education and experience, of why you attend events.

But how do you measure whether or not your participants are getting the most from their networking experience? How are they interacting with your sponsors or exhibitors? Are these meaningful interactions? As marketers, we always want to know as much as we can about our audience, so how can we gain insights into our attendee behaviour to help us ceate great experiences while at the same time proving our worth. Does event participant behaviour contribute to event success and the success of the event organising team? 

In a world where events are more data-driven than ever been before. Key stakeholders are increasingly focused on event value, performance, and overall ROI. To prove your event success it’s more important than ever to pinpoint issues in real-time, to make a case for change, and demonstrate real value.

When I ran the strategy team at GPJ, we created and implemented wonderful event portfolio strategies, experiences, and measurement programmes for some of the biggest companies in the world; but we always struggled on calculating the true value of networking sessions and measuring the overall event interaction piece. We knew the core, true worth of face-to-face events was about bringing people together, but it was difficult to put an accurate and empirical score against these efforts.  How would we know the value of what worked...What didn’t...and how we should shape future experiences? If only there had been tools like Hiver we could have put in place.

Thankfully, 2018 is the year of AI, machine learning, and engagement tech and Hiver perfectly fits into all of these categories for the event industry. Implementing the Hiver Wearable, App, and Analytics trio at events enables event teams to now capture, measure, and report on the specific areas of participant engagement and interaction data not previously measured. There is now WAY more granularity in the type of event data you can gather, how you slice it, and how you can present it to support your event goals and objectives. Hiver gives you the tools and reporting features needed to prove how your event performed, why your event contributes to the company marketing and sales process and, most importantly, how events affect the overall bottom line.


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